Why I Smoke Weed Everyday

Why I Smoke Weed Everyday
**DISCLAIMER: I am in no way advocating marijuana or drug use, this video is simply a discussion about my own personal experience as a marijuana smoker.

I understand there are many reasons why a person would choose to or not to consume marijuana and I believe that all people are entitled to their own personal perspective on the subject.

This is not meant to sway any person one way or another nor to try and change any beliefs!!

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In this video, I discuss why I smoke weed everyday because I want to break the weed stigma / marijuana stigma and normalize how the public views the everyday weed smoker. Why do so many people smoke weed? Is it okay to smoke weed? What about the benefits of medical marijuana? If you’ve heard of cannabidiol you’ve probably wondered about cbd oil benefits, cbd oil for anxiety or cbd oil for pets. You also may have wondered, does weed cure anxiety, will weed help my anxiety, or just want to ask someone “why do you smoke weed”? We want to know why is weed so stigmatized, what it is about the weed stereotype and “stoner cliches”. Hear unique opinions from a daily weed smoker in this week’s episode of Roxy Talks.

Why I Smoke Weed Everyday