The Reason Why You Can’t Stop Smoking Weed

The Reason Why You Can't Stop Smoking Weed
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Hey all! In this video I ask my sister about her experience when I was addiction to weed, as well as when I finally gained full self-control of my weed use.

As you’ll see in the video, when I was smoking pot uncontrollably, I was more disconnected from her and was not fully myself.

Whereas, when I finally learned to be who I am without weed, I was free to be the brother she deserves.

Now a days, her and I share an awesome sibling relationship filled with love and laughter.

The point of this video is for you all to understand that, although smoking pot may not lead to things like physical abuse or drunk driving, it can have indirect consequences that are harmful to others.

Thus, if you’re addicted to weed, or use weed as a crutch, there’s more on the line than just your own self, it’s the lives of others as well!

The Reason Why You Can’t Stop Smoking Weed