Smoke Too Much Weed And Your Heart Will Explode! Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #26

Smoke Too Much Weed And Your Heart Will Explode! Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #26
In this video from Vancouver’s Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching (MPMC), Paranoia Management Coach, Bryan Basamanowicz explains why some individuals fear their increased heart rate after smoking cannabis.

For a more thorough explanation of the “racing heart” phenomenon, see the chapter “Why Do I Think I’m Going to Have a Heart Attack” in Handbook for the High-Functioning Paranoiac– Signed hard copies, read it as a pdf on your computer, or get the ebook formatted for any e-reader:

University of Ontario Study of Basolateral Amydala and Cannabis-Induced Fear Associations -

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Originating in the hashish-rich Indian sub-continent, Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching is a mentoring and life-development service designed to constructively engage and assist marijuana users predisposed to anxiety and paranoia.

Our mission is to provide a currently disaffected and ignored population with information, counsel, support, and community if they choose to seek it.

We offer an alternative to the outmoded conventional wisdom that says “If marijuana makes you paranoid, then don’t use it.” Our practice has proven that paranoia may be significantly limited through informed and careful confrontation.

Founded in the Spring of 2012, this enterprise is an outreach and service provider to the under-voiced minority of individuals for whom marijuana triggers acute episodes of paranoia and anxiety.

Our clients are looking to partake in moderate, responsible, and legal cannabis use, but have difficulties with paranoia and/or anxiety.

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Note: All references to cannabis and cannabis use refer to legal, authorized medical usage. The videos in this series by no means condone illegal activity. Our policy at MPMC is to only work with individuals who are obtaining cannabis through legal channels.

Smoke Too Much Weed And Your Heart Will Explode! Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #26