DRI Owl Cam

DRI Owl Cam
Welcome! Thank you for tuning into our live Great Horned Owl nest camera. This live camera was set up by DRI and NDOW to allow the public to watch a very rare nesting situation happening in Reno, Nevada. If you choose to engage in the live chat connected to this live camera feed we ask that you please be respectful of other YouTube users and restrict your comments to this nest and/or the topic of Great Horned Owls. We do not have a full-time moderator on this chat and we are hopeful that this group can maintain civility and respect at all times.

May 1, 2018- As of Tuesday, May 1, 2018 one owlet has left the nest and is doing well. DRI and NDOW still do not have plans to intervene because the owl parents are still very active and remain in the area.

Both NDOW and DRI will continue working with our local media outlets to update the public on the status of the owls and the owlets. Anyone who is interested can follow DRI and NDOW at the Facebook page links below, and read the local news stories also posted below.

We also want to note that at this time DRI and NDOW do not have plans to move the camera or continue this live feed once both owlets leave the nest.

Thank you for tuning in and please, again, be respectful of others if you choose to engage in the chat.

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